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Monday, February 13, 2012


There is so much that I need to put on this little 'ole blog.
Winter storm, Emilie's birthday, etc

Instead of trying to get all of that on here this morning I am going to just go with the most recent and extremely fun adventure that we just got home from.

Good bye Washington

Hello Montana!
Its hard to believe that the lake we spend our summers on becomes....

A perfect snowy wonderland.

It was just what this little family needed

It was also what Emilie wanted for her birthday.
To see real snow and the lake frozen.

One of the many things I forgot was this little city dogs snow shoes.
By mid day his right paw was leaving bloody tracks.
He hated the gloves going on but I think he secretly loved them.

The main reason for our 10 hour drive was sledding.

It was awesome!
Doug did everything he could to make that sledding hill perfect.

Growing up we never wore helmets sledding. 
Should have, but didn't.
Being out at the cabin, which is an hour from medical help made me a little a lot nervous.
Helmet  up kiddos!

Colin also lost his loose tooth the first night at the cabin
The tooth fairy left him a box of pop tarts.
That was sure nice of her to come out to the middle of nowhere.

This one turns 15 3 in a week.
How is that possible?

We spent one sunny day over at turtle cove.
Much easier walking the half mile then the summer way of paddling over.

I have no idea how I survived before our S'well bottles.
Hot cocoa for the kiddos that stays hot all day and hot cocoa/creme de cocoa for mama that stays hot all day. 
Not all day, its gone pretty darn fast.

Even on a flat surface this family can find a way to sled.

Enjoying the view with my cocoa.

Another thing I forgot was trucks for Colin.
Thankfully trains have wheels and also enjoy the snow.

Reason 1,040,8000 that Max is the best dog in the world.
He loves to ride on the sled.
Funny dog....

Much, much more to come later.
Right now I need to fix breakfast and try to remember how to get Colin and Emilie ready for school.
I am really missing those lazy mornings in Montana.

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  1. I'm glad you all had such a great time at the cabin! I hope we get to see you all next summer. Heidi


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