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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I know its coming....
Days filled with rain, wind and darkness.
Until then, I'm going to try to get every sunny day picture I can.

Little miss has become a pretty amazing photographer.
By Christmas she will have a much better camera.
Until then she is stuck with our original 3.5 mp camera.
I think  I know the camera on my iPhone has more mp.
She took this photo of guys right before they left for their weekend trip to Port Townsend.

While the boys where away on their trip we played with play-dough...

Stayed the night at Aunties (my sister and Maxie dogs brother's) home. 
And Emilie's favorite part, sweet little Louie. 
The softest and sweetest dog.

Then the big surprise!
Emilie got her ears pierced!! 

She did so GREAT!!
I am so proud of her.
 She sat so tall and brave. She only cried right after it was done because she said "the snapping sound scared her."
It was strange, amazing and emotional to be sitting in front of my first little girl watching her get her ears pierced.
Time is moving so fast.

She continues to amaze me everyday!
Happy Monday.


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