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Monday, November 21, 2011


Our weekend started mellow.
Drawing, breakfast and some more drawing.
Emilie has come so far with her drawings. 
She is finally proud of what she draws.
We have always been proud of her.
It's nice to see her proud of herself.

We then moved on to painting Colin's room.
I let the kiddos color on the walls while I taped and filled many, many holes.

The freedom of coloring on walls was a ton of fun.

Sunday morning we watched and cheered on Emilie as she sang with her preschool class in church.
It's amazing watching my little girl sing on a stage that Colin sang on just a few short years ago.

We finished the weekend with a  very cold walk minus Molly.
Looking back at the pictures from this weekend little miss Molly is absent in all of them.
Poor girl has been trying to fight off a nasty cold by sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping.

While she napped the two older kiddos and I headed out for some much needed fresh air.
We have all been feeling very cooped up and needed to get out and reset.

The signs of winter are everywhere.

I love that my kiddos like to be in front of the camera.
And love to be together. 

We then started the week with some more crafting.

 I love how their crafts turned out.
And for Molly's.... 
We are still waiting on little miss.

Happy Monday!

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