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Monday, November 7, 2011


The last few months I've learned a lot. 
Mostly about myself.
 In that time I've also realized how important it is to have people around who want to know me for me.
No matter how many ups and down I have.

For that I am very Thankful.

I am thankful for this little guy.
And thankful that he still loves that I volunteer in his class and say hi to him at recess. 

He thinks this is a better picture.
He doesn't like that you can see his teeth in his school picture.
I think that is the best part!

I am thankful for my new favorite space in my home and its perfect view of outside.
I love that our loft is my office/sewing room.
No toys, no random storage.
All mine and no clutter.

I am thankful for daylight savings and the extra hour I got Sunday.
I just need this little nugget to figure it out.
She was up at 430 Monday morning and very bitter by 430 this afternoon.
Sleep came very early tonight for her.
And can't come fast enough for me.
Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Having people who want to know you for you... is a gift.


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