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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bring on November...

Soccer season is over!!! 
It was fun, but now it's time to move on to warm and dry sports. 
Colin loved soccer. 
He loved hanging with this friends and was all smiles rain or shine.

Emilie loved soccer.
She was serious and focused on the ball at all times.

After Emilie's last soccer game for the season we hurried home to join in on the fun at the neighborhood Halloween party.
Halloween on Monday is hard! 
Everyone starts celebrating on Friday has some more fun Saturday, drags it out Sunday and brings it home on Monday.
 I was done by 8:00 PM Monday. Decorations where pulled down, thrown into the green and orange tubs and candy bags where dropped into my lap by 9.
Next Holiday please...

Since Halloween was 4 days this year Colin got to be as many things/people that he wanted.
 One day Batman the next day a fireman.
This was also the first Halloween Molly "got it"
She like the pumpkin carving
Loved the dressing up like a princess
And went crazy over Trick-or-Treating

Who needs the sidewalk when you can cut through the yard.

We finished the night off with an amazing pirate ship/ haunted house combo.

Doug made the perfect B.A. for Colin.
They where both very proud.

Emilie had her school party on Monday.
So cute!

Now that Halloween is over we are able to settle into fall and truly love the crisp sunny days and
Enjoy new found treasures in the house.
I found the perfect paint project for Molly.
The kind that already has paint on the page.
This little nugget still finds a way to make a mess even with just water but it is so much easier to clean up.

Emilie also loves it.
And our new way of keeping her hair out of her face.
So cute!

I'm loving the slow pace that everyone moves in this time of year.
Happy fall!!

Now I need to find a good fall picture I can make my November banner...

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