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Monday, December 5, 2011


Goodbye November...Hello December! 

Before I start in on December here are my two favorite photo's from thanksgiving weekend.

Emilie's Black Friday brunch

And Maxi dogs pre thanksgiving snack.
The flour on his face is from the cutting board that my noodles where resting on.

Time to head over to December.
There is some serious cuteness happening.

I love how we get our crafting on in December.
So many options and so few days.
One morning the kiddos and I spent 2 hours trying to make snowflakes. 
Thanks to Pinterest we finally got it done.

I know.
We rock.

Even this little nugget is getting her crafting on.
I'm lucky enough to have a friend who teaches ceramics and invited us to join in.

Time to get moving.
In true My 3 little ducks fashion it was time to go, go, go.
All of this crafting has made this mama ready to get out and see the big city.
First stop, Seattle center.

Every year we try to visit the giant model train. 

 Every time we go to Seattle center we ooh and ahh over the giant fountain.

This year we added in the carousel and I even captured proof that I was there.

It wouldn't be a trip without the sea gulls stalking the kiddos and their popcorn.

Once home we scored and had front row seats to the Santa/firetruck show.

Sunday night we rounded out the weekend with a trip to Bellevue to see snowflake lane and the drummers show.
It was fantastic!
I'm loving all of this sister love that has been happening. {finally}

Everyday I look at Molly I'm reminded  that everything about this time of year is new and amazing to her. The lights, sounds, energy and love that is all around her is  fun to see through her beautiful blue eyes.

 Her excitement for the season is fantastic!

The best part of snowflake lane is the snowflakes and watching the kiddos try to catch them.

Our last, very cold stop was at the botanical gardens.


These stinkers are so use to having the camera in their face that they know when it is this dark out I probably can't see them thorough the lens. 

Say hello to the flash!

Happy holidays!


  1. Wow! So much fun! These are great photos!! (Even in the dark of night. )I am so inspired to go out and see all the sights .... I just made a list from all of your adventures! :)

  2. Beautiful. I love seeing photos of some of the seasonal events I am not sure I will ever visit. :) Sam


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