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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is it Thursday or Monday?

September and October have flown by.
I thought having a kiddo in school all day would give me soooo much time. 
My days are busier. How did this happen? 
What crazy realm did I enter?

A year ago my days started mellow and slow.
Now they start full speed and I'm constantly saying "wait for me" to this little nugget.
While her brother and sister color and write amazing stories, Molly is usually bouncing, jumping, running, swinging, leaping around them.

Breakfast is pretty easy since I can still strap her in.
Then we are off again to the races...

Races being dropping Colin off at school.
Even though the bus stops right in front of my home I'm not ready to say goodbye to Colin for the day there. I love seeing him walk into is class. I love seeing his sweet smile one more time. 
The same smile that I will miss all day until I see him at that  same door at 3:40.
Then I turn around and see these cuties waiting for me in their best Pacific Northwest attire.
then remember that they will run me rigid today, tomorrow and a week from now.

On this beautiful fall day I got to have this one all to myself. My best friend took my littlest for the morning so that I could  hug this one with both of my arms.

Her favorite part of the pumpkin patch was the animals. 
She LOVES animals. 
Emilie has a very sensitive spirit. I think...I know that the unconditional love that animals give is just what this little miss needs. I'm sure that's why her and Max (our dog) have become so close.
He gets her and she get him.

She tries everyday to be the very best Emilie.
Some days are just a little too hard.
We will always be here to remind her that we love every Emilie.

This is the only time of year that I make treats.
It's so much fun to make something "cute". 
I can finally get away with my stuff not looking so great because it fits in with the season!

 I've been trying to let Molly do more "crafting."
I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow. It is still drying.
It might take more then 24 hours...

Then I look behind me and see the amazing creations that Colin made.
Sometimes I get overly focus on Molly's craziness and Emilie's sadness that I miss out on Colin and all that he has to offer.
Everyday his mind is growing by leaps and bounds and I want to see every leap and bound.

So amazing.
And so darn cute.
(I love his shaggy hair. I promise him we would get it cut Friday)

I know this post is little extra mushy for me but these last few months have really aged me.
I found out who my true friends are. 
The kind of friends that you can call at 2 in the morning and they show up no matter what.
I found out who I am...
And I really like her.
I was reminded that my family is amazing and I am so lucky to have all of them (you) in my life.

I realized that I really do hate fall sports in the Northwest but this little miss doesn't.
She LOVES soccer and is amazing at it. 
She is one tough little chick.
Which means this mom-ma needs to learn to love soccer too.
At least tolerate it.

And this little dude tolerates soccer.
But loves being outside with friends.
Even in the windy, cold Northwest rain.

I think. I know I am back to blogging. It felt so good to get pictures up and words typed up.
This is really all of the pictures I've taken this month. Between the rain and the marathons that Molly likes us to join her on its been too hard to lug Nikon around. I need a cute little pocket camera to capture her mid race.

All in all it has been a great, hard, emotional roller coaster but fun month.


  1. Good to have you back! I always enjoy your updates and seeing your little corner of the U.S. (and your adorable kiddos too, of course!)

    I know what it's like having a daughter who tries to be her best all the time. My 5-year-old is just like that, and it's hard for both of us! (I can't blame her...I was that way as a kid.) I suppose it's nice to have child who wants to please, but it does result in a lot of emotional drama, poor girls. My hubby and I are trying to make sure our Calla knows that she's loved, no matter what. Parenting is definitely a roller coaster of emotions!

  2. I enjoyed viewing your month of adventures. I love the pattern block creature.


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