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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

trying to be better...

The kiddos and I spent Monday and Tuesday at my sisters hanging with my niece {who is 18} Allie.
Tuesday morning the kiddos and I headed out to go spend some much need time in the sun until I realized  that I forgot to bring shoes for Colin.
I know, I know! 
How do I forget shoes for one of my kids. Its actually very easy to do. I've forgotten shoes at least once for each of my kids.
At home I park in the garage and my kids usually run out to the car barefoot. Because of that I usually have a spare pair in the car. 
With all of the trips we have been on lately my car is taped dry of spare shoes. 
Off to Target we went before we headed to the park.
And yes my son was at Target barefoot in a shopping cart.
And yes I am sure I wasn't at Walmart.
A special treat for Emilie and Molly was that all of the shoes where on sale.
Today I watched my girls drool over shoes and I quickly realized that  they still love their SeeKaiRun shoes that they worked super hard for, but in the end you can't beat Dora and Belle {and two of her friends}

Colin picked out some fantastic Converse All Stars and we where on our way to St. Edwards park in Kirkland.
Years and years ago when I first moved to Washington I nannied for some amazing families. One of those families had two boys that loved this park. We would spend hours here and I always imagined spending hours here with my own kids.
Today I finally got to!!
Years and years ago is was free to play here. Now it is $10! 
With that said the kiddos and I spent 3 1/2 hours here playing, biking and hiking.
I think. I know we go our moneys worth.

This amazing building is at the heart of the park

The second leg of our adventure was bikes and strollers.
Molly got a kick out of herself and her stroller pushing skills.

Third and the longest leg was the hike.
The kiddos did great.
Molly and her amazing talent with accessories looked great hiking with her pearls.

This would be my new favorite picture if Colin wasn't blurry. :-(

Even with my under prepared shoes the hike was perfect and my feet felt amazing.
 Thank you Chaco's!!

What would have these kiddos so interested?
Spiders web? Maybe.

Can you see it?

Can you see the tiny green worm moving down the stem?
That's what got them so excited.

After such an action packed afternoon we needed some very cold ice cream.
I love how my two little book ends just love their ice cream and how my sweet little middle child feels she needs to analyze hers.

The rest of the day was spent riding bikes with friends and fun baths in Auntie's giant bath tub.

Happy trails!

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  1. That parks looks like such fun! Paying to play though? Not so fun.


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