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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

exit this way

Living in the Pacific Northwest we have adapted to the cloudy days, surprise rain showers and wind storms.
When that amazing ball of warmth in the sky shows up we drop whatever we are doing and run to the nearest exit.
Hopefully with some friends in tow.

This weekends exit was to the cabin for two days with friends in tow!!!

The kiddos squeezed every ounce of the day out.
They also informed us that 7 PM is the perfect time for a little dip in the very cold ocean water.
And a walk with a good friend.
The best part for me was sitting next to my good friend as we watched our kiddos play and make memories together.

 We {the kiddos} ended the evening with warm blankets, yummy popcorn and a fun movie
We {the parents} ended our evening with warm blankets, yummy wine and amazing views from the deck.

Once morning came and the tide headed out so did the little's with their imagination and swimsuits.

And of course trucks.
A day with out digging for Colin just isn't a day well done.

Molly learned the difference between ocean water and lake water.
She was not pleased with that life lesson.

Max earned his expert diving certificate this weekend.
Most of the time he would bring up barnacled covered rocks. But sometimes he would bring up a pretty oyster shell. 

Rest and love was next on his to do list.
{Lots of love}

Even if it was from a distance.
Anyone old enough to remember Kids in the Hall?

And then some more rest.

Once we squeezed out as much of the day as we could and {older and wiser} Molly was tan{ish} it was time to start packing up.

One more swim for the kids

The two older kiddos had to be bribed out of the water with the promise of a warm shower, yummy dinner and cozzy PJ's for the ride home.
As all of this was going down Emilie became a victim to the calming sound of the waves.

With all great trips it is always hard to say goodbye.
But nice knowing that we will be back many, many times to this amazing place.
And lots of memories will and are being made.

Happy Tuesday!


Last but not least

This beautiful, amazing women turned 18 this week.
{It makes me tear up just writing that.}
A few months ago she let me tag along with her and her mom{my sister} to check out some colleges.
And now she is an adult.
Time is slipping away way to fast.

We love you Allie,
Sooooooooooooooooo much!

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  1. What a wonderful time at the lake! The water tasting lesson would be a hard one.


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