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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

See Kai Run

 The kiddos pictures that were taken for See Kai Run are finally here!! It seems like forever ago they were done. I tried to save the pictures off of the site but they were to grainy. So this is the best  I could do. Hopefully I can get the real ones.
PLEASE See Kai Run!!!

Emilie on page 18

Emilie #2


The girls also had their pictures taken together but they must not have turned out. The first one of Emilie is also in their spring look book. Very cool. It was such a fun experience working with See Kai Run they truly are an amazing children's shoe company.

Molly is still their onesie model. She is such a baby in those pictures. Its hard to believe she is going to be two this month.

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  1. Dana, your girls are adorable!

    Please email Julie at seekairun dot com to request all of the photos from the shoot.

    Thanks again!


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