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Thursday, July 14, 2011

not so little...

Just yesterday this little home girl was curled up on her daddy's lap pretending to sleep like a little baby.
She looked so small and Quietly I sighed some relief seeing her that way.
 She already thinks that she is 4 and she is the size of a 3 year old.  For a brief moment she actually looked like the 2 year old she is.

Very brief.
Because when she woke up this morning once again she had aged.
When Molly ages its not by baby steps but leaps and bounds. 

Today Molly had an appointment with her Ear, nose, throat doctor.
She has had 4 ear infections since November and it was time to find out why.
The best part of the trip was that it was just me and her.
She was smiles the whole way and sang out loud to her new favorite song.
Rolling in the deep by Adele
I know a crazy choice for a 2 year old but I think it speaks to her old soul.

I was feeling a little bad about taking her to the doctor so I let her bring her baby {who is always filthy} and treated her to a mini chocolate Doughnut. 

We ended up being 30 minutes early and she did great. We watched a show, read some books and chatted it up with some very nice strangers.

Those dark circles under her eyes are not from lack of sleep. Molly is a champion sleeper.
They are allergy shiners and one of the reasons for our visit today.

It was a very thorough visit. I learned some cool facts about the ears and sinus cavities and Molly had her hearing tested big kid style.
It was fun to watch her communicate with the tester and follow his commands. Just like a big kid.

I blew up one of the thousands of rubber gloves that are always  around and that was all she needed to get through the day.

Next stop was x-rays to check her adenoids. And once again she blew me away with how calm and patient she was.

I was saving the best for last. 
Blood draw...
I thought for sure she would be a train wreck. Possibly even bite me.
Once again I was wrong. Not even an ouch.
Just a thank you when the tech took the needle out of her tiny little arm.

5 minutes after I took the last picture she was out.

I was reminded today on the importance of doing things with each of my kiddos individually. 
I get to see who they really are away from the controlled and sometimes uncontrolled chaos that we live in and they also get to see who I am.

I remember thinking the same thing when Emilie was 2 and she got admitted into Childrens hospital overnight. It was just the two of us. 
It was mostly her sleeping/healing and me watching but once she was awake the next day it was such a special time.

It really sucks that I wait until a medical issue to take the time to get to know my little's. 

Once we got home and Molly woke up from her so-so car nap she was a train wreck. Sleepy, hungry and bitter.

That didn't matter, because when she catches me looking at her she gives me a little dance and smile and we both giggle and remember what a great day we had.

Thank you my sweet little girl. 
Even on this crazy rainy day you are still my sunshine.

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