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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

catch up

The rest of our week was great.
  Colin finished up sports camp and loved it. The week was topped off  by having sleep overs with their buds.
Colin stayed with his friend and Emilie had a friend stay with her.
She was on cloud nine.
Once Colin rolled home he was tired and in need for a nice down day to recover from all the late nights he had during sports camp.
If I would have had it my way we would have had 3 down days.

The next morning the girls and I made the most amazing zucchini muffins with a nutella swirl.

The rest of the family finished the morning off with a drawing session.
 If Colin could have it his way he would draw with his dad all day everyday.

We did eventually get out of the house.
Doug found a gift card to LOWES and it was burning a hole in his wallet.
I'm glad it was because we used it to finally get rid of our pedestal sink in our down stairs bathroom and replaced it with a sink on a cabinet.
A trip to Issaquah is not complete without lunch at our favorite teryiaki place and a Cold stone ice cream shop stop.

Monday Emilie and Colin started VBS.
This is Emilie's first year at VBS. For two years she watched Colin go and have a ton of fun. Finally it's her turn.
Now its Molly's turn to wait....
It's not as cool as VBS but I thought it would be nice for molly to have something special.
I stayed up way to late and finished her quilt.
She loves it and I love it.

Tuesday my little's played outside like it was summer and ignored the dreary dark cloud that hung out with us all day.

While they played outside looking for meteorites and dinosaur bones I made them  super yummy cookies. Emilie actually said they were amazing. She never calls food amazing.

Lots of things are happening around our home.
 First the bathroom redo and now the banister is on the home stretch to being completed!!
I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can get some walls painted, kiddos rooms finished and our room put back together. 
I can't wait!

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