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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

last night

Last night Doug took Colin to his first night of sports camp. 
Its from 7-9. Doesn't that seem late.
While they were gone I  put the girls to bed, sat back and enjoyed a perfect view.

This little man came home.
And he became my new perfect view.

He had an awesome time.
Good thing he has 4 more nights of it.


Today we headed north to my sisters to drop some stuff off and get some bicycle time on flat ground.
Molly kept running around saying" bye mom, bye."

We spent some time enjoying the ant show in front of my sister home.

We finally made it to the Sammamish trail.
Go Emilie, Go!

Before she rode her bike she rode in the stroller so I could run.
4.5 miles + pushing 60 pounds of little girls = very sore legs

Once on her bike she got a little tired so I tethered her to the stroller. 
It worked out perfect! 
She had so much more confidence.  Especially on the down hills.

I am so proud of my little kiddos and their love of being outside.


  1. I LOVE your backyard! seriously!

  2. I am so proud of their momma!! and how well she is raising them. Your kids are great

  3. The tether was a great idea! We have ants to watchi in our driveway too.


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