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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello weekend

 I can't believe I forgot to add these to our 4th of July post.
Anything taken on my iPhone tends to get lost until I need to sync my phone to iTunes.
This was Emilie's  first time on the tag-along bike.
she loved it! 
I never know with that girl what she is going to like or not like in most cases.

Molly loves being pulled around in her own ride.
I think this where she is going to spend most of her naps this summer.

{Back to yesterday}

For the next three weeks our Fridays are going to be mostly be spent in the little town of Enumclaw.
The kiddos already have gymnastics there all winter long but on different days. For the month of July they moved all of the classes to Fridays. 
Emilie's in the early am and Colin's is at lunch time.
That leaves us 2 hours of down time doing this. 

And then the time during each of the classes doing this.

I love molly's face in the back ground. So cute!

Those 4th of July streamers are still going strong.
She takes hers everywhere.

Who knew Emilie could or would want to climb a tree.
 I didn't... Probably should have.
And in her favorite cowboy boots. 
Nicely done Emilie

Once home we spent the rest of the day with the amazing B family, who is leaving us for a week.
We took a fun walk to get ice cream and on the way back Colin saw some little gals riding their bikes and to Colin their bikes were making a glorious motorcycle sound.
A sound he had to have coming from is bike.

Here is the magical sound maker
Anyone do this as a kid?
I think I had playing cards in my spokes.
I don't remember them being this loud....

The girls then spent the night dressing up and having little dance recitals outside.

Molly won best costume award.

It was the perfect way to finish out a very long and sick filled week.
Thank you B family for feeding us {again}, letting us {again} hang at your home
and play
with your amazing fur baby.

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