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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. Handsome

This handsome pup turned 6 this summer.
He went from spazy puppy to mellow old man over night.

Unless he is with his brother, who also turned 6 July 5th. 
Duke has always acted like an old man unless he is with my Max.
Then they both act like they are still puppies and nothing can hurt them.
I hope they are always like that.

Max has also always thought of himself as a 10lb dog.
When we first got Max at 8 weeks we already had a tiny papipoo named Ollie. 
He wasn't the best role model for my sweet little flat coat puppy and had to move on to a better life by the beach with my aunt in sunny California.
 In the year that Max and Ollie shared a home it was enough time for Max to think that he was the same size as Ollie. Still to this day he thinks that he can fit in a dog bed made for a little dog.

Even though he thinks he is a small dog he also thinks that he can run forever. Which makes him the best running partner. (Don't tell Colin I said that)

And swim forever.

When you read stories about the loyalty and love of a dog they are surely written about him. He would never leave us, he would do anything for us.

 We would do anything for him.
We are his world.
And he is the best dog in the world.
Just writing this makes me tear up.

When an awesome opportunity came up to try something that could help Max I jumped at it!
The great folks over at sent me a bottle of the Wild Alaska Salmon oil by nutri-Vet to try out for a couple of weeks on Max.
You wouldn't know it by looking at Max but he has a ton of allergies. The main culprits are wheat, chicken and meat. If he does get a hold of them look out. He is gassy and his ears smell like nasty wet socks within hours. Plus the goes on all night....
Poor dog is a mess. 
As long as I keep him on a fish and sweet potatoes diet he is fine. But his skin has always been super dry. I was really hoping this would help him.
Guess what? It did!!!

All I do is put a few pumps on his food at night. Max only eats once a day and usually at night while we are sleeping. I was a little worried the oil would go bad before he got around to eating it but the opposite happened. He now eats right when I feed him and all of his food at once. 
We are so happy with  the Wild Alaska Salmon Oil and extremely thankful we got the chance to try it.

The folk over at are so awesome that they are offering  50% off any of their Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (regular or the drip less odor less option) for dogs and cats.  You can also receive free shipping if you spend $45 or more, otherwise it’s only $5.95.
They ship anywhere to the USA.
The coupon code is HALFOFFSO (should be entered in all caps) and Expires 8/1/2011.

You can also check them out over at facebook or twitter @bestpethealth

Let me know it you try it and how it works out!



  1. What a beautiful dog! He sure knows how to pose for pictures.

  2. He's so sweet! Jack turns 10 in 4 days! That's a big WOW for me!


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