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Thursday, June 23, 2011

First day of summer and beyond...

The first day of summer here in the Pacific Northwest was perfect. Sunny, warm and relaxing!
We spent the morning cheering for Emilie at her dress rehearsal for her dance class.

Once we got home the kiddos spent hours on the swings. Hours.
Emilie taught herself how to pump on the swings this spring and she hasn't stopped swing.

Friends came over and spent the beautiful evening with us.
Molly would have gone home with this family if I would have let her. The two youngest of our families were two peas in a pod.

She was even able to win R over into giving her a push.

And R's amazing mama gave all of my kiddos a push.

Even Max got to play

The first day of summer was warm, sunny, spent with friends. Perfect.

After a very rainy, lazy second day of summer we headed north to my sisters to get some errands done and to pick up Max's bro duke. 
About 15 minutes into the car ride this little home girl was out.

Once we made the 45 minute journey north she was ready to rock n roll.

Plus, when she woke up she got some new  kicks from the amazing See Kai Run shoe company. They are also the same style that Emilie modeled for them last year. 
So cute seeing them on Molly.

The main motivation for the running

Emilie let Colin have a turn on her scoot bike since I forgot his bike.
That is one very strong little bike.

We had a really great day.


  1. the little ballerinas are just gorgeous! You live in a beautiful area, all your photos are so pretty! Enjoy your Summer! :)

  2. What fun! You have so much going on. The kids are having a blast.


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