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Friday, June 3, 2011

catching up

Some days I feel like little miss Emilie and I barely talk to each other. We mostly just tell each other what we need and {I} hope that she will do it with out much of a fight. 
Yesterday I realized that I needed to change this habit we have gotten in to. I asked her while we were driving to gymnastics what I could do to be a better mom for her. Her answer surprised me. "Time" she said. 
Time with me is all she wanted. And at that moment I realized  the reason for our bad habit was because we are both trying to survive our day with crazy, super hard in the thick of the terrible 2's Molly. Because that is not going to change for a little while the next best thing I can do is give her the few hours that Molly naps.
And so I did. 
I put Molly down for nap, stole one of the hours for myself and went running and the moment I got back I was all hers. 
The choice was hers. Books, dolls, etc. She decided on dolls and baking.
She was so happy. Her chit-chatting never stopped until she went to bed. It was so much fun seeing her this happy. Something so little as time made such a giant effect on this little person.
I've always used nap time as my time to get some stuff done but I'm going to have to suck it up and change that. My goal this summer is that I will use Molly's nap time as a time to spend one on one time with one of the older kiddos. In the end the happiness that those few hours is worth way more then getting a few loads of  laundry done.

Look how happy she is enjoying her cookies she made with her mom. I even let her crack the eggs. I think that was the best part for her.

I need to remember that we are a lot alike 

Next activity was dishes. She LOVED it and did a really good job. Why am I just now letting my controlling ways go and let my kids help out in the kitchen? She even helped with putting the laundry away after we cleaned the kitchen. She loved all of it and I also LOVED every minute of it.

Another great thing is that is is SUNNY this morning!! Thank goodness after the nasty weather we had all week.
Hail and rain

More rain and hail

But now sunshine, fresh cut lilacs and a neighborhood garage sale to get ready for. wish us luck. We have a ton of {crap} really great stuff to get rid of.
Have an awesome weekend!


  1. This entry made me really question how I am mothering my daughter who's the same age as Emilie while also mothering Ben who is Molly's age. I think I need to work on 'time' with my girl too. Thanks for the motherly insight!

  2. I love that Emilie answered "time!" I'm definitely guilty of using Baby's naptime to get stuff done too. Thanks for this reminder that there are more important things!

  3. Training her to do kitchens?!? You are a smart, smart mom!

    That will pay off in spades. :)


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