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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

beach catch up

After a very successful yard sale and beautiful weather predicted by my iPhone weather {which is updated by a bunch of jokers} we headed to the Gig Harbor cabin for a fun day playing on the beach. It's always extra fun when the tide is at least a -2 which Sunday was suppose to be.
This trip to the beach was extra extra fun because our amazing friends came with us. Thank you again for tagging along with us.

These trips are always a big reminder of how old he is getting.

And how much she has changed since last years trip. Last year she was barely walking and would scream if we took her near the water or showed her a crabby crab.

This year she's hunting those crabs right alongside Colin and Emilie

This year Max is a little older and a little fatter. and for some reason would not stop drinking the salt water. Let me tell you. Dog drinking a lot of salt water = amazing throw up and diarrhea.

Molly was always there to give him loves.

A new addition to the beach is this super cool rope swing!

I'm always amazed at when the ocean pulls back on these low tide days what amazing treasures are left in its place. I was to busy exploring with the kiddos to remember to take pictures of the big crabs, starfish and gooey duck clams.

That's Doug way off in the distance and that's how low the tide sometimes goes.
So cool.

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