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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a little of this & a little of that {alot & alot}

It seems like yesterday was Colin's first day of Kindergarten. And now here we are his last week of kindergarten. Part of his last week is the class music recital. Very cute! They were all so serious. I can't believe that little blond boy is going to be a first grader in just a few days. Then after a very short summer he will be gone all day.

Also ending this month is Emilie's ballet/tap class. They have a recital at the end of the month that should be interesting but a lot of fun.
This weekend she danced in the Maple Valley Days parade with some of the dancers from her dance school. At first she was really nervous, scared and sad. But once the music started she was all about the dancing.

To finish off the weekend it was time for the kiddos "Gymnastic Olympics". It was the first time I have ever used my long lens and it didn't work out so great. Out of a bazillion photos these are the only ones that really turned out.
Such a bummer.
These two did awesome and I am crazy proud of them!

 To wrap up this random post I have to show the world my new favorite place . . . . the best running trail!
Its been a  while since I have been able to find a new trail, but the wait was worth it! This one has everything. Streams for Max, shade for  both of us and plenty of ups and downs. 

One thing about finding the best of something is there is always a catch. The craziest thing happened to Max and I while running the trail last week - we got surrounded by a pack of coyotes! It was so strange, but Max and I diverted our run by crossing one of those lovely waist deep streams and trekking down some train tracks. I think even coyotes know to stay away from the train tracks. Our crazy wet spring is making everything a little off - even the coyotes. 
A few mangy coyotes can't keep us away from this trail though. It's that awesome.

The first part of the trail is called {Once upon a time} and I cant help myself but think about my past while I run, and all of the once upon a time things I use to be. 
{Once upon a time I}

  • could run for hours and not be sore the next day.
  • could go for a run without my inhaler.
  • could eat/drink whatever I wanted and not have to worry about where it would show up on my body.
  • could wear any running shoe and not have to put inserts in them.

OK, so I could go on forever with my 'back in the day' thoughts, but really in the end;

  • I'm thankful that my legs still take me down  my favorite trails even if it is only for an hour.
  • I'm thankful that I have an awesome pulmonologist that helped me get my running lungs back.
  • The food eating thing . . . I'm not sure where to find something thankful for other then I'm thankful we have food to eat. Really good food.
  • And I am thankful I can get great inserts for my trail shoes.

And of course I am VERY thankful for the best running partner in the world.

Who takes the most amazing naps after we run. 
I am so jealous!

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