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Thursday, February 3, 2011

missing their dad

It's only been a week but these kiddos are missing their dad. And I know their dad is also missing them. a lot.

I can't imagine not seeing my kids for 6 weeks. Imagine how much they will change.

This little man is keeping it together a lot better then I thought he would.

This one on the other hand is a train wreck

She is Doug's #1 fan and wants to be where ever he is.

Because he makes everything better.

Even though she is crazy strong I know she misses him.

 Dada! Wait for me!

Future photographer of America!

LOVE these three kiddos soooooooooo much

They are truly my sunshine

We all miss you very much
just 5 more weeks


  1. wow, those are some great pictures. I hope the time flies by for you all!

  2. Sorry to hear Daddy is away, we've had a lot of that going on around here as well. Hope the time flies by for everyone. If we were closer we could get all the kiddos together to keep their minds off of things and have a little Momma fun too :)

  3. Ah...I don't know what I would do without the hubs for 6 weeks. My children would quite possibly die! I'll definitely be praying for you during this time!!


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