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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

poor girl....

This is where Emilie spent most of her afternoon. Soaking up as much of the sun as she could through the dirtiest sliding door ever.
I guess when you are sick you just want warmth and comfort where ever you can get it.

And cereal with brother is pretty awesome too.

Next time I looked, under the most random blanket I found

A sleeping girl
she slept there until Molly woke up from her nap and felt the need to pet Emilie and poke her in the eye.

Sorry pup. You are going to have to wait.
Which he did because he is an awesome dog. He plopped down in the sun and took a snooze next to her on the step.

All of the sunshine we have been getting the last few days makes me realize that my back yard needs a TON of work. I'm not even sure where to start.
 Doug won't be home until the middle of March and I would love to get started on the yard before he gets home.
One great place that I can start getting inspired by is over at swing sets for kids. Its one of the stores over at CSN and it has a ton of great stuff.

Hopefully all of you out there are also enjoying this amazing sun. Because you never know when the dark dreary rain will come back.

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