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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

A day before Emilie's 4th birthday we celebrated her birthday with Doug because the next morning on Em's birthday he was having to leave for 6 weeks to Huntsville for training.
Normally I would spend too much time editing my pictures before I put them on my blog but after a few gentle reminders that my blog hadn't been updated in a very long time I gave in and tossed some pictures up so her daddy who is missing her dearly could see his little 4 year olds birthday celebration

While we still had her daddy around we went to Red Robin for lunch and a birthday sundae

She was so happy to have a celebration all for her.

Before we got on the highway to go home she was out.

And she never let go of her special purple balloon

When we got home a special box from Grammy was waiting for her on the front porch.

Yummy chocolate covered strawberries and a birthday cookie!

SOOOOOOOO GOOD!  they were overnighted and perfect!

Then dad and Colin came home with a surprise

Emilie was so blown away by this mound of sugar.
 I'll admit that it was a really pretty cake and very good!

Normally I like to make their birthday cakes but who can say no to this face....

Once all of the sugar started to wear off I was able to get to work and make her birthday cake for her party the next day

Can you guess what kind?

And the kiddos played with Emilie's new toys.

Emilie wanted her friends to have bags to carry their ballet slippers in because in Em's mind everyone goes to ballet class. So off I went to my sewing machine to make 15 little ballet bags for her little birthday friends. and of course 4 boy bags. she also wanted everyone to have a flower pin.

Like I said, how could I say no to this little face.

We had her party at the same place she take gymnastics. It was great! Her coach was there and the kids had run of the whole place plus the bungee!

Colin loved hanging out with the O twins

And baby Molly hung out with her new best friend "big" Molly the whole time and loved every minute of it.

Anymore ideas on the cake??

Once again Molly x 2

Here is the left overs

Isn't she pretty!

After all of the morning festivities and we made one more cake we headed north and shared the evening with family and wished S a happy 14th birthday.

At the end of the day I think Emilie had a great birthday.
 I can't believe she is already 4 and I love her more and more everyday.


  1. What a lot of fun! Love the rainbow cake - I need the recipe and lots of directions. My kids would love that!

  2. Happy 4th birthday, big girl!

  3. Thank you sweetheart, I really needed that! I miss you all and love you more. Doug


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