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Thursday, January 6, 2011


First of all, I am not and will not be having another baby. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't want another one. I just know what this family can handle. And right now 3 is perfect.

Second, after I posted pictures of "my hobo" I was wondering what Playmobil was thinking when they made him.
First off they called him a A Tramp. A Tramp? Really?
Second off they put a policeman with him.
On the site this is some of what they said about the set.
The Policeman & Tramp set is really just a drunk, shoeless, homeless guy on a bench with a cop. As such, it's the best preschool/grade school toy the world has ever seen.
Neither figure is groundbreaking or particularly noteworthy from a toy design standpoint, but the "wow" factor is very high. For anyone that has wanted a drunk cavorting around on your desk, this is the toy you've been waiting for.

The best part is that I have been waiting for him! Instead of an office desk he sits above my sink. Which in a way is my office.

Just for kicks here is my second favorite from our new sets.
The Snake charmer. He's part of the "circus set" and yes, he is standing on a bed of nails.

On mamapedia this morning they had a great deal  $15 for $30 at Cafe Press. When I first got the deal it was because I could personalize my iphone case. But once I went to the site I found soooooo much more.
Here are some of my favorites. 

This should be written on my hand. I make everyone of these mistakes. hahahaha

This little miss is the reason why I love to sew. Everything that I sew, no matter how dorky it is she tells me that its what she has always wanted and that she loves. it.
And I LOVE her and she is what I have always wanted.

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