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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Back in December I thought I had Molly figured out. At the bottom of  this post you can see my awesome work. Once again she proved me wrong and was able to get out of her backward pj's. My next option was using her old Halo sleep sack that zipped on the front and down. That way I could turn it around. the only problem was that it was for a 12 month old and Molly is almost in a 3t. Off to the sewing machine! I cut the bottom off of the sleep sac and added a few inches of a fleece blanket. It's very ugly but its holding strong. Its been a few days and she is still cozy in her giant sleep sack every morning.

Of all of the 3 kids she is the most opinionated on the things she likes, doesn't like and things she wants.
After nap she was sure that she wanted to wear a diaper cover of her pants. Whatever Molly. After Emilie beat me down for 2 years I'm done fighting over the clothes my girls wear. Emilie wasn't hard to get dressed she just loved changing her outfits a thousand times a day. After many loads of laundry I realized that if I just let her wear what she wants she stays in it almost all day.

The last few weeks I've been feeling like I want another baby. Or at least be pregnant again.  I know that, that is the last thing this family needs. We are finally hitting a nice stride as a family. The only reason why I think I "need" a baby is because I'm really missing those times with my babies. Those quiet times were a little human looks up at you with pure love. And instead of just thinking about those times and missing them. I need to make sure I find that time in the present with the three I have. I also think that I'm trying to control something I have control over. Meaning get pregnant. The only reason why I know this is because after my dad died I said a million times "if only I had more time with him". Having another baby, for me, is kinda like that. A do over. Another chance.
Instead of wanting another baby I need to go sit on the floor with my kiddos, play barbies and LOVE the one's I am so lucky to have.

She was very proud of herself and even when she is tripping and falling on her face she has a smile.


  1. Oh my Lord...I admit my eyes got wide when you mentioned #4!


  2. LOVE THE SLEEP SACK-DO-OVER! Nice work Mama!!!

    OK so I must tell you about my friend! Her husband went out and got a vasectomy after baby #4. After two years went by, they decided that they really wanted more kids and he got his vasectomy reversed. A month later they were pregnant with baby #5. 4 months later, they purchased a 15 passenger van. :-) I am just waiting for her to tell me any day now that they're preggers with #6, since they're youngest is six months old. lol. Fill up that van girl! Fill it up!

  3. Oh Dana, boy do I know what you mean. I used to be consumed with the need for another baby, but I have to think about what my family is ready for and well, we have our hands full as it is now. It just feels like i missed my chance, in one way or another, to be with each of them as much as I could at that stage of their lives. Like I blinked and it was over. Of course the rational me knows teh more I have the less time I will be able to spend with the baby too but it doesn't keep me from wanting ...

    I love how similar our lives are and that we are pretty much in the same place right now. Concentrating on loving my guys where they are right now too :)


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