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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today was good...

Today was good. Colin loved his December 2nd book, and Emilie did not... and it was a perfect book for her.  The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall. It has two little girls in it that remind me of her and Molly. And Emilie always tells me that her favorite pie is Apple. But on this early hour of December 2nd Emilie had her heart set on a princess book.
Oh well...At least one of them was happy.

And my sweet little knock kneed daughter did like her new dress so I didn't completely fail in Emilie's eye's

After a day filled with school and gymnastics Colin had a great idea to go for a walk and check out all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Sadly most of the neighborhood has been dragging ass and hasn't set up their lights. We still had a great walk and I tried with my very poor night time picture taking skills to take some fun pictures.
I got a nice one of Moll's.

And a fun one of my big kids.
Its been fun this year hearing what each kiddos remembers from last years holiday season. Emilie doesn't remember much but Colin remembers everything.
His favorite things are the little village under the tree and the train going around the village and going out looking at Christmas lights.
His birthday is in December and that's all he wanted to do on his birthday night last year was go drive around neighborhoods ouuuuuing and ahhing at their lights.

Cheer's to the folks out there that put lights up so we can come out and dance in front of your home!
Thank you!

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