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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I wish...

I could have a job working out of my home making these little cashmere hats. I love making them and the are super easy. can only make so many before your daughter says "I have enough mom"

I also love making these little felt flowers that can be pined on a hat, or a jacket, bag or even a lamp shade. But, although they are crazy cute we finally hit our max for personal use/love

now I've moved on to making pinafore dresses for my girls. Another thing that is fun to make. But little girls can only have so many.

My next project needs to be something for Colin. that poor kid is definitely left out when it comes to my sewing projects. Any ideas?

Isn't it cute? and it's reversible!!

On another note. today was the first day of December and this year we are trying something new. Instead of a candy, candle, ext. advent calender we are doing a book a day.

My sister and I went to The Goodwill on the day after Thanksgiving for their 50% off entire store sale and it was wonderful!! I was able to get all of their books for the month and a ton of other awesome stuff. I truly LOVE the Goodwill.
I think they enjoyed getting a new "to them" book. Colin thought his came from the library so I think that's why at first he wasn't that excited. and I can understand that. we check out about 50 books a month. Once he realized that he could put "his" book in the bookshelf upstairs was a nice treat for him. I'm not sure what Emilie thought. She loved her book and all of the pictures but after we read it she moved on pretty fast.
On our way up to bed tonight Colin said "I can't wait to see what book I get tomorrow." and that my friends makes it all worth it.


  1. Good Lord, woman - Get on ETSY!!! These are ADORABLE! I'd totally buy them!!

  2. Alright, I'm sold too. You should most def stay home & make a ton of these. I'm with Liz, Etsy!! and fast.

    I'm so inspired by your book a day advent project. We do something fun every day till Christmas and last year I was really good about each thing being pretty much free and/or meaningful. I typed out this year's list and after reading it online I see way too much spoiling and not enough focusing on the reason for the season. Thank god I typed it out, I've been rectifying that ever since.

    Maybe next year I'll try book a day :) The kids would love that too ...

  3. Miss you by the way!!! Catching up on posts now! My inlaws have been with me since mid-Oct and have taken over most of my computer time. Good watching the kids get to know the grandparents though


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