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Friday, December 3, 2010

good morning

I love hanging out by the Christmas tree in the early morning with my coffee while the house is still quiet.
All of the pretty lights are always so magical to me. It reminds of why my kiddos are always so excited to see that the tree is on in the morning and why they always want to hang out by it and look up at all of the past years treasures.
Have a great weekend


  1. we have white lights, and seeing your colored lights makes me want them!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! The colored lights remind me of my childhood tree :)

    Found you by way of Jen Orbistondo's Photography blog. Noticed another Dana and just had to say, "Hi!" I rarely encounter someone with the same name :)

    I blog at MommyBrain and I publish Macaroni Kid SnoqualmieValley-Issaquah.


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