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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the tooth a man

Little man lost his second tooth this week. And no I did not document his first tooth so we are going to pretend that this is it.
Both bottom fronts are gone and I need to be even better with brushing his teeth. Cuz those suckers are the only two bottom fronts he is going to have and since he's my son he was not blessed with easy maintenance teeth. he was blessed with train wreck teeth.

Once his tooth fell out I ran upstairs to make him his own tooth pillow. I only had a month of his tooth being loose to make the pillow, but I like to wait until the last minute. then I feel like I really accomplished something. Even if it looks like this. Hopefully one day I will make him a better one. I LOVED my tooth pillow growing up.
Even though this pillow looks like crap he loves it. He is so sweet. He told me that if we added a green pocket it would be perfect.
Once I finished the pillow Colin finished his picture and thank you note to the tooth fairy. He was so excited I was worried he might try to stay up and try to get a sighting. But he was out with in minutes of his head hitting the pillow.
As we were saying our good nights he reminded me that the tooth fairy was a boy because he signed the card last time Mr. Tooth fairy. Thanks Doug. You just had to have the tooth Fairy...

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  1. I like that pillow! my mom got kate one when she was a baby, and it hangs on the doorknob, which makes for an easy job for the tooth fairy.

  2. Ah..Jed just lost his two bottom teeth. It makes me sad!:(


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