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Thursday, November 11, 2010

my village...

Today at Emilie's gymnastics class I was able to meet a very nice women who has three great kids. We chatted for awhile and then she told me that for the last 8 years her and her husband and now kids have had to move every 2 years for her husbands job. And in 8 months they will finally move for the last time.
Listening to her talk about how she never lets herself get attached to the area or the people in their current town really got me thinking about my amazing network of friends and family.
the last few weeks have been such a great reminder.

Last night was one very GIANT reminder of how lucky I am to have a core group of women that I know I call anytime and they will be there.

One of my best friends woke up this morning at 2 am in so much pain she knew she needed to get to the hospital. But, All of the husbands were either out of town or working. Except for one...Thank God! Without hesitation that friend ran to our friend in pain and stayed with her four babies while they slept and our friend drove herself to the hospital to find out that she had have her gall bladder removed.
Once morning came and my baby woke up another amazing friend watched my little one so that the only husband home could drive me to the hospital to be with our friend until her husband was able to get back from his trip. Thankfully my older two were already with my mom.
None of us thought twice about helping each other.
We only made it work.
We are one kick ass group of women! And I am so thankful I have them in my life.


  1. That truly is a blessing!! No man is an island....and yet it seems like we have more and more "islands" these days!

  2. That is so fabulous and how life *should* be. I only wish I had that type of community where I live. We need to settle in 1 place for longer, I think.

  3. You posted about my old lady gall bladder! Haha! Now we know for next time!

  4. You ladies certainly do kick ass! And so does Miss Emily in this picture! I feel the other woman's pain, we've been moving for what seems like ever and are supposed to be in our last move too. I feel I may have forgotten how to make friends or that the women I would like to be friends with all have tight networks of their own and they don't really need any extras :( Wish a lady luck, as much as dad is out of town it would be nice to have someone we could call in the middle of the night


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