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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harvest fest!

What a great day! We got to hang out at Tahoma farms for their harvest fest. The farm that we get our veggies from. And it was free!!
I'm a total cheep ass and anything I can do and not spend a dime doing  is always a great day.
But this day was cheep and fantastic.
One of my other fantastic personality traits is that I HATE crowds. I wish I loved them. I always wanted to be the kind of person who is energized when in a big crowd.  But I'm the opposite.  when I am in a crowd I feel like everyone is sucking the life out me. And I have reserve that right to my children.
this was the perfect amount of people and parking.

We started with some pumpkin painting/coloring

As always...she was a little concerned
As always...only doing it because we said it would be fun
 As always.... very serious
they even had a scavenger hunt sent up.
Our first stop...Carrots! Thousands of carrots

Little carrot for my littlest

Off to our next stop...

Strawberry fields

Wherever we go Molly is all about the dancing.
and Colin finds anything with wheels
Emilie loved her treats from the scavenger hunt

We all loved the hay ride.
 the ride went around the entire farm. It was amazing to see the fields that our veggies grew up in. It makes you appreciate the hard work that goes into growing healthy, safe foods for all of these families to eat.

~what a great day~


  1. I love those kind of days!! We are pulling up carrots like that out of our "own" garden right now!! So yummy!

  2. i like the photo of colin and your husband both turned towards the camera!


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