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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our new morning...

First off.
 I think we are all in agreement that I can't spell.
I try and I have gotten better. I wish I could blame it on my small MT town education.
But I can't. I can only blame myself and my lack of showing up to school.

Our morning, It is a changing.
Gone are the days of Molly cruising around the kitchen dancing for two hours with her blanket and baba.

Dance sweet girl dance!

Gone are the mornings where (or is it were) Colin can hang with his LEGOs for hours

And gone are the computer mornings for Emilie

 and HELLO to our new kindergarten routine

Today was surprisingly sad for me.
Colin meet his new teacher. Who is fabulous
 Emilie got to meet her teacher and see her preschool classroom.
Wow...My babes are growing and I'm surprised how hard this is for me.

And once again I was at the Dr. office for some X-rays. I'm officially tired of being sick. I need to start running again which isn't going to happen anytime soon. I cough until I either pee my pants or throw up.

What the hell?
I need to be healthy again!!!!
I need to be 100% again for all of the above little humans and for the party we are having for Doug this weekend.


OK, enough of my pitty party

Want to check out my first e-bay purchase?
It's better then I had hoped for.
It's the cutest little jacket...EVER
And Emilie ROCKS IT!


  1. Sending you some {{{{HUGS}}}} and hope you get back to your wonderful self really soon. Can't believe the kiddos are in school already! I kept mine home this year and decided to homeschool - it was more a $$ & lack of good preschools in our area sort of thing but I'm really starting to enjoy it and am happy with our decision. Seeing all the first day pics makes me a little sad.

  2. she is quite striking and lady-like in that red coat!

  3. That coat is simpley adorable. Your kids are truly dolls!!

    Hope they are enjoying school. I am still sad each day when I drop my kids off. Yesterday they were telling me how much they miss eachother and me during the day too. I almost started crying. Man, I like those kids!! I spy some red in Molly's hair??;)


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