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Friday, September 10, 2010

His day is finally here!

 This little big kindergartner was so excited this morning. 6:45AM he was asking when we would be heading out to the bus stop. Hold your horses little dude we have 2 hours.
For breakfast I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to mix it up a bit and put chocolate chips in the waffles.
I just love this little boy soooooooo much.
Plus when I ask him to smile he always gives me a great smile

And then when I ask Emilie to smile this is what I get almost 90% of the time.

The first of many front porch first day of school shots.

It was my first day too...I only teared up once...

Heading up the hill to the bus stop 15 minutes early.
His backpack looks so big on him

Later dude...until I see you in ten minutes at school watching you get off of the bus.

Hello again!

Here he is with his whole class for the first time.
The neighborhood I live in is pretty big and I realized looking around that the kindergarten classes are almost all from our neighborhood.

Few hours later and a Costco trip I got my little dude back!

Even Emilie pretended to missed Colin

Colin and K have known each other since they were babies.
 I love that they go to to school together. They are in different classes but they still have some time together. In this picture K was asking Colin how is day was.
How do you not love that!!

Celebration cupcake on the front porch with friends.
Moments later Grammy scooped up Colin and Emilie and took them for the weekend.
 I put little Molly in her crib for nap, opened a beer and my can of Cougar Gold cheese. The best cheese in the world!!

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  1. sleeping baby and beer - what a perfect combination!

    i'm glad his first day was such a good one!


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