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Monday, May 10, 2010

mom n me

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I searched and search for pictures of my mom n me.
No matter what generation mother you are there is one strong common thread...We are always the one's behind the camera not in front of it.
I need to get on that and fix it. with my kids and my mom.

My mom is an amazing women and mother. She raised two amazing girls :-) Lived in a handful of towns because of my dads job. Denver CO,Leadville CO, Surname South America, Ottawa Illinois, Libby MT, San Jaun Capistrano CA, Oak Harbor WA and now Bothell Wa.
She always said that she loved moving and the change that comes with moving.
She was and is always there for me and my sister.
The last three years have really showed me what an amazing women she is. She lost her husband and my dad back in 07 to cancer. Since then she has held her head high and continued to live and love life.
Mom you are such an inspiration and I am so proud to have you as my mom.

{Libby, MT 1981}

{My wedding 2003}

I added this one because Moll's is so darn cute...
{Hawaii Jan., 2010}


  1. Your mom sounds like such a stong, adventurous lady! What a lovely tribute to her. Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

  2. She sounds like an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman! Great pictures!
    Love the quotes on your blog:)

  4. The wedding picture with your mom is beautiful!! So true that the mom is always behind the camera, it's nice to have Julie to help remind us to get in front of it every once in awhile, especially with our kids! :)

  5. The picture from your wedding is beautiful.

    It must have been so hard on all of you to lose your dad. I can't even imagine.


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