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Thursday, May 13, 2010

before & after

It's Thursday! And that means it is time for Monica's blog hop over at Pixel Perfect. This is one of my favorite blog hops. I love seeing how people edit their photos! I've learned at ton! 

I've finally decided on a camera! Hurray! Now I just need to pull the trigger and buy it.
Hopefully next weeks before & after will be taken on it.

This week I decided not to post a picture of one of my kiddos. {surprising I know!} Instead I posted a fur baby. This is my dog Max's bro Duke. Duke is the perfect dog. He is mellow, extremely kind and patient. The only problem is he isn't mine... My sister is the lucky owner of Duke. I guess that is not so much of a problem,  I'm just jealous. :-)

taken with a Nikon d70

Edited in Picasa 3 by changing the saturation, contrast,  highlights & cropped it
thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your blog header! So cute!

  2. Sweet pic! Love how you lightened it up. Made the sun flare really pop.

  3. Great save on that photo! What a cute shot!

  4. I'm jealous too! He is beautiful!

  5. Oh nice shot with the sun flare! Love it. {grin}

  6. Very cool!
    What a great dog!

  7. love your edit and how the light on the dog makes his hair glow!

  8. Nice edit!
    BTW, I just love your header picture :)

  9. I have two awards for you on my blog!


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