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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seriously...That happened...

I love the ending of a good movie. Not the normal movie ending but the tasty little tidbits that some directors give after the movie ends and you wait for after every movie hoping that it will be there. A glimpse into the future of the characters you just feel in love with for two hours. The best movie ending, EVER was the Hangover. If you have seen it you know exactly what I am talking about. What made it great was that everything was in "snapshot" format.
I love that! I feel like I walk threw my day in that format. Taking snapshots of my kids, animals, friends, family, nature, etc.
I am absolutely my kids biggest fan and their personal "crazy" paparazzi.
What if someone took snap shots of me during the day? What would they be? What would the caption say?
I'll tell you what they would say...
Last months caption would have read:
Mom finds pile of dog sh%t at bottom of stairs in the AM and then pukes on it when trying to clean it up with a dust pan.  Seriously... That did happen, and it did suck!
Because I was living, trying to live life at the time I didn't even think of it as something memorable until my amazing friend was having a bad day and she called me and said "I just had my dog sh%t on the floor and I puked on it day." Oh my gosh I laughed. Not at her but at the fact that it did happen and Jen just reference it. It still makes me giggle.
Who was there to capture that priceless moment? No one... Even Colin, who was the only one up, didn't even see it go down.
This months caption:
While mom is cleaning up she finds full glass of wine next to her bed from the night before during her mini meltdown. Throws some ice in the glass and enjoys it 24 hours later. I did think twice about it but it was a full glass of wine! It was cheep wine so I figured it had plenty of time to rest.
what about all of those great times my friends and I sat around my table laughing, chatting, and laughing. I would love to have pictures of that. Those great pictures where someone is leaning back laughing. Someone is poring a glass of wine. Someone is slapping the table.
As mom's we do so many things through out the day that are sometimes bizarre, usually always needed but most of the time never shared with anyone else but those that saw it go down.
But almost always another mom would love to hear about. And hopefully did the same thing and now can laugh about it.
Go SHARE!! SHARE with each other!! Tell stories, make fun of yourself, laugh at yourself.  It takes a village to raise these amazing kids we all have. The biggest thing I have learned from my village of  the 3 women I tell everything to, my mom, sister, My BF Sam, and of course you, Doug, is that we need each other. We need each others baggage. We need to see each other cry, laugh and cuss :-)
I love all of you!! And Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being you. I letting me be me.
I love my village!


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