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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I finally did it. I sucked it up and brought books, blocks, puzzles, etc. down stairs and made the front room a playroom.
I realized the other day that when we are down stairs Molly is always crawling around with a Lego or crayon because that is all we had downstairs. When Colin was her age he was already looking at puzzles and book on his own because when we only had one toddler all of that was down stairs. But now, 5 years later all of those things are up stairs and Molly is too little to be up there on her own and the big kids want to be where ever I am.
I am so happy I did this. Molly is always in there moving something from one basket or bowl to another.  The poor thing is already following in my OCD footsteps.

Moving stuff out of up stairs into a new room made the kids think it was all new.

I love that Colin goes in there to build with his Lincoln logs, blocks or make a house for Emilie with the big Legos

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