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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

time really doesn't stop...

After finding Molly's ultrasound pictures in a box this morning it reminded me that I really do procrastinate about everything!
I need to find pictures of the 1st year of Emilie's life.
I need to do Molly's 1st year album.
The list could go on forever of the things I need to get done.
But...I can can mark off my list that I got their sweet little foot prints and ultrasound pictures scanned into the computer and put into the right file.

Its amazing how I can remember each day I meet these little faces like it was this morning. How do I make it so that I never forget that feeling. The joy, amazement, fear & overwhelming love.

I do know that some days I want to run out of this house as fast a possible screaming and crying.
But....I will always run back to the the people in this home. Sometimes still screaming and crying....just a little less.

All of the Molly pictures except for the hospital one where taken by my good freind Jen. Check her out she is amazing!! 

{Todays quote
“Give advice to your children while they’re young enough to believe you know what you’re talking about. ”

- Author Unknown}

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