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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am...

I can not stop reading all of the fabulous blogs out there. So many amazing thoughts and ideas are being typed up everyday that I just have to  stay up late every night after the kiddos are in bed and hubby is at work reading them.
One of the things I really love to read is the "About me " part of all the different blogs. Some people write about themselves and every member of their family.(which I love) Some people write very little which then gets me to read their blog just to figure them out (which I love too). But my favorite ones are the ones that give a description of every member of the family with pictures.  Here is an example of one of my favorites.  Her About Me is down on the right and is fabulous! Another  really fun one is This one makes me laugh so hard!! If you get a chance follow the link to Adventures with Edward. Very funny.
Anyway...The first link got me thinking. Who am I??

I am a wife, mother, sister and daughter. Pet owner, super procrastinator, so- so cook and baker. Runner, blogger, bad speller, SUV driver, cloth diaper user(80% of the time) raw milk drinker.  IPhone user, vitamin taker, coffee & wine drinker, TV watcher, PC user, gardener, and people magazine reader.

I am thankful for my family, my best friend Samantha, and my amazing mommy friends. Without all of you I would be nothing.

I wanted to see what the kiddos would say, so...

Colin my oldest said... I am 5, fast, funny, smart and a good brother.

He is thankful for trash trucks, fire trucks and ambulances.

Emilie, my middle and is 3 years old said... I am 5, fast, funny, smart and a good brother. (poor Em, I should have interviewed her in a different room)

She is thankful for princesses and princess ponies

Molly who is 1 in 2 weeks is LOVE.

This was a fun thing to do. I loved thinking and writing down what I think I am and I loved asking my kiddos what they feel they are. my idea #24 is just that. Ask your kiddos what their I am is.

In the end it also made me realize that it has taken me 34 years to be proud of the things that I am and there is a really good chance they will never change.



  1. You are all that and more - your family loves you always. Love your husband

  2. So happy to have you as one of my mommy friends! - Jen


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