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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why Emilie, Why?

Emilie is 3 in 3 weeks. Some days she is alot of work and some days she is alot fun. Today she was 8o% alot of work. She is very dramatic & stubborn. With that comes a very sweet little girl but also a very not so sweet little girl. Her new not so fun thing to do is not swallowing her food. She will be eating just fine and then bam, mouth full of food and Emilie doesn't want to swallow it and she put the food in there. This morning she kept a hard boiled egg yolk bite in her mouth for 30 min. In that time I googled "my toddler won't swallow her food" and I found out that it is very normal and they grow out of it. Wow thanks! I would hope so or junior high is going to be really hard for her.
I need a magic fix it for a very stubborn toddler or one of those red EASY buttons from that office supply store.
But really, don't we all.

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  1. Must be a girl thing! Both my big girls have done or are currently doing this. It keeps them quiet for a while, until you realize what they are doing. A good finger swipe usually works for me! Good luck!


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