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Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks Molly for # 4

My third child helped me with my fourth great idea. Here is how my idea came about. Today at Colin's swimming lesson Emilie was playing with the toy train and Molly was sitting in the exersaucer. "What are you chewing on Molly?" I asked "Do you still have some veggie stick in your mouth?" There wasn't any of the normal veggie stick drool coming out of her so I did a finger swipe which with Molly I have to do at least once a day. Guess what I pulled out.... A push pin! The kind you have on a cork board to hold up paper work or crafts from the kiddos. After my heart started back up I thought of today's idea.
With a 5 year old and 3 year we have a ton of little stuff and they are going to help me keep the little stuff off of the floor.
I started with getting a plain piece of paper and letting them decorate it. When ever they see something small that Molly could put in her mouth they let me know and we put it where it is suppose to go and they get to put a star on their decorated paper. When they get to 10 stars they get to pick from the treat box. Our treat box has sugar free gum, fruit snacks, and  little trinkets. My goal is that they get into a habit of doing this. Colin is already pretty good at it but Emilie isn't. Hopefully it helps. Even a little bit is better.
For the record, I did not put the kiddos tally paper up with a push pin.

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