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Sunday, January 17, 2010

We made it home!

Kauai was a fantastic trip for us!
Out of the three kiddos its to bad that Colin is the only one that will remember any of it.  Hopefully the zillion of pictures taken will help the girls see that they also had a great time. Or at least that is what I will tell them.

Every morning we would try to get out of the room by 723 to watch the sunrise over the water. A very rare thing for us west coast folks get to see.
It was also the first time as a family we all slept in the same
 room for more the one night.  Emilie was on a roll away and Colin was in the king with us. Molly got her own room in her play pack in the giant closet. It worked out perfect.
We spent some time everyday at the pool. Molly hated the sand, water and grass witch worked out really nice. We would place her on a towel and she would not leave that towel. It was a perfect porta-crib. It was fun being able to take her places with us and not worry about her crawling to the water or eating the sand.

I tried to get a picture of all three kids but none of them turned out. I did get some good ones with them in pairs.
This one was taken while we waited to go on a train ride. Colin LOVES trains and I think this made Hawaii perfect for him. The train and the mud buggy.
This is a neat one of the girls on the train because they where actually talking to each other.
Colin just took it all in. And love all of it. It was a 40 min. ride and we learned some really neat stuff about the island and we even got to stop and feed some pigs and two goats. We didn't need to be at the airport until 4 and we had to be out of our room by 11. The train was perfect for filling in the time.
This picture of Emilie makes me think that she really believes that she is a movie star and we are just her entourage here to help her get through her day with snacks and milk. When she went to bed tonight she was very confused on why we would not be in the room with her we she woke up in the morning. Please sleep good tonight my sweat Emilie....
We spent a lot of time in the airport on our journey home. Here are the two older kiddos waiting, and waiting for our plane to show up. Thank goodness for the Starbucks with a view and comfy chairs.
Even Molly had an opinion on the situation.

In the end we made it home around 530 am, had a fantastic time and the kids did awesome on the plane going both ways. I am very proud of them and can't wait until our next adventure.

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