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Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo of Duke and Jack

I thought it would be fun to post a photo of my dog Duke so everyone could see what the brother to Max looks like.  I also thought I would discribe a few details of Dukes personality so you could see how they differ a bit.  When Dana and I went to pick out our puppies all Dana wanted was a dog with a nose, because she knew she planned to do search and rescue.  I wanted the pick of the litter because I planned to show mine.  Well we both got what we wanted.  Except my pick only came with one testical, therefore no dog shows in his future, but Dana got her nose and Max hasn't stopped searching for that next loaf of bread since!  Now regarding bread...Dana actually says it is my dogs fault her dog eats bread orr is it my dogs fault they get he gets in the trash...mmm....well any way it is true they both will do anything to get ahold of some bread but that is where my dog usually stops...Max on the other hand will eat anything, anywhere.  Another difference is Max loves to hike and run thru the woods and as we have found out this week play in puddles!  Duke is a city dog and prefers the life of leasure.  Max loves to sleep on your bed, Duke prefers to sleep on his own level of the house, he is a bit independent.  Both are beautiful Flat Coat Retrievers, Max looks more like the Irish Setter lines and Duke more like the Newfoundlands.  But the funniest difference is Max loves Duke and well, Duke, he could really care less.  I have loved having a dog that is a litter mate to my sisters.  Mainly because we never got to have kids at the same age but we do share the love of the brothers!

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