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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Idea 13 and 14

It was a lot of fun for me checking my blog every night and seeing what my sister and Sam had posted. Thank you ladies for being so fantastic and keeping me up to date on Max and sharing some fantastic ideas on food and life with my friends. You two are the best!

One of the two things that I LOVED having in Kauai was collapsible tubs for the kiddos toys

I got these at Target and use them at home in the book shelves to hold "stuff".
On the trip they where great for holding toys and we even used one for the laundry. They fold totally flat and then open up with a hard bottom.

The second great thing was these little laundry soaps

We had a washer and dryer and I am really picky about what laundry soap we use. Mostly because of Molly's cloth diapers and these work great! I found them at QFC before we left and they also come in fresh linen sent and sent free and this one. For the diapers I have to use Enzyme free.
You can also order them from their website.


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