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Friday, January 8, 2010

Max without his family!

Your house sitting, dog sitting, guest blogging, Sam is here for your first update of Max without his family (I know you all have been waiting).

While the family is taking their energy to the Hawaiian sun, Max will be living it up with me; WA rain style.

Today was Sam and Max bonding day in prepartion of a week of togetherness. First I took him to my house so I could get changed and so he could promptly steal my bread which I totally busted him on. He was spotted by the cats, but has not quite found them yet himself.

After he stole the bread I realized he and I needed some positive time together so we headed out the North Fork area of Snoqualmie.

First he was just happily walking the road:

Then came the stream which probably made him the most happy of the entire walk. He was running so fast around and diving in the water that I never did get a good photo of him in the actual stream. It was very clean which was an improvement over the puddles that he loves. And then he got the puppy sillies.

He was considerably happier after the stream, especially after he then found a stick that he particularly loved:

Max is now more sleepy and calm.

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