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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Max hijacks the blog

It is Sam again, your guest blogger, wondering if the family regrets turning their guest blogging over to the dog sitter yet.

You will note that it is not raining today.

After a good night of sleeping and snuggling Max woke up a new dog. He was more confident and relaxed and is getting in and out of my car like he owns it. So we decided to go to the Fire Training center and help some other dog owners with their training. We didn't stay long which was fine and Max got a walk in the deal.

Along the walk he chewed a stick. Of course.

After our Fire Training morning, which probably wasn't worth waking up at 6am for, we stopped along a trail on the South Fork Snoqualmie so he could run around again. And even managed to keep him out of the river.

Then I took him back to my house so the cats could be annoyed (he is definitely aware of them now) and so that he could steal this ridiculous dog electrolyte mix which I again busted him in the act. That is a good thing for 2 reasons. 1. If he keeps stealing stuff at my house I am going to rename the blog "Things Max Ate Today" and 2. The electrolyte mix is intended to be diluted in water - and yes, there is a chicken flavor to it.

Hopefully the flight went well and you guys are enjoying the Hawaii sun!

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