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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Day of WA Sun

Sam here (again). :) Still no other guest bloggers or Hawaii bloggers, but we do know that the family made it safely to Hawaii. It is currently 7pm WA time and Max has managed to only eat his own dog food...not for lack of trying.

The above photo is Max sitting in from of Big Creek. And below is another photo of Big Creek feeding into the main North Fork line.

Today I decided we were going to walk another North Fork road that is nice and exposed due to clear cutting so we could enjoy what sun there is. My goal was to find this site that I have located a few years before that I am assuming is used for some sort of water measuring/study.

We got to the site which is a US Department of Interior/Geological Survey site. At which point I about had heart failure because Max started down the bank towards very deep and fast water. So he went on leash after that.

In the round building there is a very small window and you can see a work bench and maybe just a little equipment. Over the embankment (that Max was going down) you can see some sort of measuring device and all the wiring is coming back into the building.

The trolly is locked down. 

Can you see the trolly line in the above photo?

Apparently Max has a thing for sticks that I was not aware of. Or he is using them as an excuse to lay down for awhile.

The drive back from the hike is on a long, poorly maintained road, but that didn't prevent Max from sleeping.

PS. The bad weather will supposedly be back tomorrow; so don't worry, it won't be sunny in WA the entire time just come because you guys all left.

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