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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Idea #7 100 things

On a lighter note...
We are going to be heading over the ocean in a couple of days packed into a plane with a lot of people. Those poor folks...If they only new that they would be sitting next to the Brennan 5 in just a few short days. Would they still go? Hopefully after they sit by us their answer will be yes.

Here is one of the many tricks I have packed for my kiddos.

A friend from preschool showed me these and they are fantastic.  For $10 bucks you get the cards and a dry-erase pen. That alone is great. I did take it one step further. I hole punched them and divided them in half & added a second dry-erase pen. Now each kiddo gets a stack and I am not doing some yoga move to find the one that slipped under the seat in front of me that I can only feel with the tips of my fingures.  Is the company that makes them.
Wish us luck!

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