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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IDEA #15 Potty Training Help...

As crazy as this idea sounds it really works!
My sister braved the hospital this week to fix her bladder. Part of the deal for her to break out of the hospital was that she had to go potty. She tried and tried and nothing. The fantastic nurses that took care of her shared this trick with her. Blow bubbles, out of your mouth. Magic happened and she went potty. Congrats Ann Marie!
How this applies to potty training is this. When I was trying to get my kiddos to go pee they would sit on the potty and just sit.... hours of this just sitting... I was always thinking "if only there was a trick to getting them to pee". Now we have one!!!
I tried it on my kids tonight and it did work. I know, they are already potty trained, but Colin always say "I don't need to go!"
A way to make it fun is have them blow bubbles in a glass of water. Its amazing but the act of blowing air out of your mouth really does relax those pelvic floor muscles!
Good Luck!!

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