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Thursday, January 7, 2010

#6 idea is...

have a guest blogger while I am enjoying sun on my face. My sister has her own website where she post amazing recipes and healthy eating choices. Plus anything else that cruises through her head that could help someone be the best they can be :-). On my site she is  going to do that and maybe even focus some of the meals toward the kiddos?!? I also have an incredible friend who is house sitting/ dog sitting our dog Max. I am hoping to convince her to post some stories about her time with Max and anything else she wants to chat about. Will you???
Hopefully the few of you who check my blog for new post love what she shares and if you want pass the info on to folks you think could benifit from her info. I know without her I would not be able to run everyday. I am getting to old to not take good care of myself and help the old body along.

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  1. I am looking very forward to writing about me and Max on boring WA vacation together while you guys are loving Hawaii! - Sam


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