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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Colin and Emilie where so excited it was Grammys birthday today. It might of been because of the cupcake cake that we where going to make for her or because they got to spend the whole day with Grammy. Either way they had a great day which means I also had a great day. No one exploded and threw a fit. Myself included. We even fit in a trip to Costco and treated our selves to some gelato. They only serve it in a three scoop. Emilie got the strawberry scoop, Colin got the chocolate chip and Molly and I the pistachio. It was a sunny day so we couldn't resit enjoyed it outside in the back of the car. Thank goodness for the little potty, It was a perfect bench for Em. Plus I kinda get a kick out of watching people get so excited thinking they found an awesome parking spot. Move along folks this crowd isn't moving just yet. We are tailgating it, Costco style.
Here is to getting through another day and looking forward to tomorrow.

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